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Upon the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, I began creating a set of pandemic playing cards.  Hundreds of games can be played with a regular deck of cards, symbolizing how each person acts differently when dealing with the stresses of the pandemic.  It also reflected the increase in free time, leading to growing numbers of people playing card games or board games around the world.  Additionally, cards can be used for magic tricks which symbolizes the unpredictable spread of the virus though asymptomatic carriers.


This is an ongoing series of tintype photographs which explores the historical origins of photography in the Industrial Revolution and how photography has evolved in accord with the rise of digital manipulation and AI.  These tintype photographs are contradictory objects both physically and figuratively in that they combine historical and contemporary techniques and draw upon the connotations of each (where historical photography is associated with showing the world without embellishment and contemporary photography is associated with deception and spectacle).

These images are first created as digital collages in Photoshop before being subsequently printed and photographed in order to achieve the final tintype.


Tony's hot sauces started with the recipes, which I developed myself over several months.  When I came up with a concept for hot sauce names and label designs, the projects became illustration projects.