Editorial Illustration on Access to Mental Health Resources

This illustration on access to mental health resources references a famous painting entitled Watson and the Shark.  Watson and the Shark was what I felt to be the perfect representation of depression's effect: a nude woman reaches out for help from those on a rowboat while her impending doom (a shark) approaches underneath the waves.  For this editorial illustration however, I changed the positions of the figures so that all of them are reaching for a rope ladder hanging from the heavens (a therapist's office) – thereby revealing the high demand for mental health help but the limited availability of that help.

This illustration was done using the historic cyanotype process.  A digital negative was created of the drawing and then printed on multiple colors of paper.  The final image is a composite of two prints (one on blue paper and one on parchment paper).  The characteristic color of cyanotypes has historically been used to represent melancholy and depression, thus informing my choice of the media.