Illustration BFA Thesis

My senior BFA thesis is a proposal for a middle-grade book called Njord’s Guide to the Sea of Monsters: a fantasy biological field guide which documents sea monsters populating the waters of the northern Atlantic following a cataclysmic event related to climate change and the fall of civilization.


I grew up reading similar fantasy biological field guides and admire the mindset that young readers are able to approach them with. They invoke a sense of curiosity, discovery, and an academic approach despite the fantastical nature of the subject matter. These attributes make a fantasy biological field guide wonderful at teaching children important topics of our time like climate change and ecological conservation. Njord’s Guide to the Sea of Monsters brings up these topics and conveys the hostile feeling created by the world future humans will inhabit (physically embodied as fearsome monsters).

All of the sea monsters I created for Njord’s Guide to the Sea of Monsters are based on endangered marine life today in the northern Atlantic. I wanted my project to draw attention to these creatures in hopes to spur conservation efforts to save their populations.